How to best structure your workout build muscle and burn more fat:

If you ask any of the hundreds of clients I’ve trained over the last 5 years, they’ll tell you what a difference this simple change can make.

Most ‘gym goers’ looking to lose weight tend to structure their workouts with their cardiovascular training first as this is what they believe to be the best way to burn fat, then they would do a small amount of resistance training and then spend a large portion of their workout on abdominal work in a hope that performing crunches will remove the fat from the area.

YOU DO NOT START BURNING FAT UNTIL ABOUT 20 MINUTES IN TO YOUR WORKOUT. This doesn’t mean that you’ve been wasting your time, you’ve just not made the best use of your time.

A much more effective way would be to warm up for 3-5 minutes and then do your resistance training. You will get more out of your weight training as you’ll have more energy but you will also:

  • Burn more calories weight training

  • Have a greater effect on your metabolism

  • Burn calories not only the time of doing it but for DAYS after

When you come to do your cardiovascular training after the weights, you will be BURNING FAT for energy rather than the glycogen in your muscles.

Although abdominal training is extremely important, you actually do very little to remove the fat from your waist. You can’t spot reduce when it comes to burning fat so although you’ll strengthen your abs, you still won’t see them if you have a layer of fat covering them. The bigger the muscle, the more calories you burn exercising it.

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