4 Quick weight loss tips:

Here’s 4 weight loss tips that you can implement immediately to fast track your weight loss:

  1.  To maximize fat burning, ensure you do your resistance training first. Not only will you be stronger earlier on in your workout, allowing you to lift heavier and therefore burning more calories, but you will burn out all the glycogen (your bodies initial source of energy) first so when you come to do your cardiovascular training after, you will be burning fat for energy – The difference is massive!

  2.  Try to focus time towards exercising your largest muscle groups, such as legs- the bigger the muscle, the more calories you’ll burn. Also try to combine multiple exercises that work the entire body in one, such as the kettle bell clean and press.

  3.  Incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) in to your workouts. This will increase the rate of your metabolism by colossal proportions. Not only will it be an intense cardiovascular workout but it will stimulate a response in your body to burn more fat.

  4.  Don’t spend too much time performing stomach exercises in the hope that you’ll reduce the size of your waist. You will tone and strengthen the muscles but you’ll be doing very little in the way of actually removing fat from that area. As mentioned above, the larger the muscle, the more calories you’ll burn exercising it!

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