See what some of my clients have to say..

I was rather apprehensive when I messaged Paul, regarding Personnel Training, I thought it was for extremely fit people , not for fat mammas!

I met Paul for a chat and explained that I had arthritis and wasnt sure if he could help me, Paul is really professional, but really nice and kind too. He said that he could help me, so I booked a block of personnel training. On my first session I was extremely nervous, but I didn’t need to be, Paul was really kind, and I thought, this isn’t too bad, although I felt it in my muscles the next day! Every session after was, interesting and fun, but also professional. I think it was quite a challenge as my arthritis limited some movements, but Paul met the challenge and found another way for me to use the equipment, or different movements. I was really surprised how much I could do, Paul said I could, but I doubted myself, and Paul would urge me on and I was so pleased and surprised when I did all that Paul asked. I really enjoyed the sessions and will have more. Paul helps you with nutrition and diet, and even after the sessions have finished he says you can email, telephone or text him for advice or help. I am very pleased with the results and can now use the gym and have a wide choice of what I can do with my limitations.

Thank you Paul.


I had been training with Paul for about a month.

Over the course of time I was training with Paul I achieved results which I never thought possible or would have been able to achieve without his expertise and guidance.

He has a high level of knowledge within the fitness industry which he is able to adapt to all levels, goals & clients. His passion and drive really shines through and has kept me 100% motivated throughout my training with him and now on my own, as an example when I train all I can hear is Paul telling me “You can do this, Just one more push“. He has the ability to communicate with you not just as a client but also as a friend making each session both challenging and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to reach their goals & push themselves that extra mile!

John Hide

Personal Training Bognor

I have gone through most of my life saying “I will never set foot in a gym”. Eventually I decided to give it a go and thanks to Paul it was the best money I ever spent! After just 10 sessions I was getting comments everyday about how well I was looking. Sessions with Paul are really tough but I still enjoyed every single one. I feel more confident than ever and have lost 2 stone! To be completely honest I am not the easiest person to keep motivated and no matter how difficult I was being, Paul kept me on track and encouraged me to do the best I could do.

If you’re looking for someone to get the job done, keep you motivated and keep exercise fun, Paul is your man!

Christina Deluca

I booked a personal training session with Paul back in June this year, with a crazy plan to complete a Tough Mudder, following three years of minimal exercise. Arrived at the first session apprehensive and lacking in confidence, unsure my crazy plan would become a reality, but willing to give it a go. Paul was very quick to make me feel at ease and assured me my crazy plan could become a realistic goal. Paul is knowledge, approachable and displays a great deal of patience. He brings variety to each session and with his sense of humour makes the hard work “fun”. Now in October through Paul’s perseverance with me, my fitness levels are unrecognisable from our first session together. I’m 3 stone lighter, 4 inches slimmer round the waist. My self confidence grows session after session. Tough Mudder now booked for early next year. A couple of tips for training with Paul….

  • NEVER say something was “easy” or “okay”.

  • Paul can’t always count, so make sure you’re counting too

Sarah Campbell

“I’ve been having weekly session with Paul for about 3 months and I just can’t believe the results I’m seeing. I’ve had to buy new jeans and have tightened my belt 3 times already. I have more confidence and walk taller than I ever have before. The sessions are professional but always relaxed and fun. Each session is different from the last so there’s no chance of me becoming bored, and the whole programme is tailored to me.

  • If anyone is considering becoming fitter, I would offer this advice:

  • Set yourself a goal. Make it realistic but tough.

  • That person you’ve always wanted to be – start behaving like him (or her) from today. No excuses.

Book a session with Paul”

Matthew York

“Having never used a personal trainer before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked a course of 6 sessions with Paul.  I wanted to give my fitness/weight loss a kick start leading up to my wedding.  Paul is very motivational and you can tell straight away he loves what he does.  He pushes you to your limits whilst making exercise fun and dare I say enjoyable!  He encourages you to do the best you can and is so enthusiastic when you achieve and beat your own goals.  Personal training works and my fitness has increased far quicker than it would have done on my own.”

Amanda Hall

“I had never thought of employing a personal trainer until I met Paul.  He approached me in the gym and asked with genuine interest how my training was going and had I ever considered personal training.  After a brief chat about my current regime and goals it became obvious that Paul is very confident in his abilities as a trainer and suggested he could change my body shape in six weeks. I have just finished my last of six one hour sessions with Paul and I feel much more confident in the way I train with increased knowledge regarding equipment, technique and form.  Not only do I feel fitter and stronger than before but friends and colleagues have commented on my broader shoulders and slimmer waist.With his infectious passion for training and the combination of his knowledge, personality and motivational skills Paul Scandian will get you results.”

Phillip Escott

Personal Training Bognor

I was apprehensive about personal training as, although I have exercised sporadically over the years I had started putting on weight as I got older (47) and motivation for healthy eating was lacking. My initial meeting with Paul was to set my goals of weight loss and increased muscle tone and fitness. He was confident from the outset of achieving them and pushed for extra training between sessions, I thought I could manage 3 including personal training, he thought at least 4. Results were fast with rapid weight loss (8kg within the first couple of months), changing body shape and a fitness level I have never achieved before. Training sessions are tough but never the same, it is amazing how far you can push yourself when someone is telling you you can do more and push a bit harder.

Tips: Be prepared to hurt, but apparently this is good Make sure you eat properly Count every rep you do, Paul loses track easily When doing intervals, keep something back so you can break the target each time.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Paul, they are worth every penny and give you confidence to take exercise seriously and stay healthy. He is a great motivator and I would recommend him as a trainer.

Sarah Thompson

I was a regular user of the gym and fitness classes but I just couldn’t reach my goals on my own so I looked to Paul for some personal training and advice. I went for a 30 minute session with him and I was hooked! With my target set to tone up in 12 weeks before my holiday, I booked in my 6 sessions which were great value for money. In the time I have been training with Paul I have lost over 3 inches on my stomach and 5 inches on my hips and gained confidence in how I look and feel. Paul is approachable, confident and knowledgeable in his field and certainly knows how to work your problem areas. I would highly recommend Paul as a personal trainer as he is someone who can give dietary advice, suggest different ways to train when you train alone and most importantly he pushes to you to your limits.

Cassie Hobbs

Since training with Paul, I have beaten my club record for the 100M sprint that was set in 1984 and as a result I am now the national champion in this event.  I am so grateful to Paul for his guidance and assistance; I couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without his immense support. Long may it continue! I’m ecstatic thanks to him.

Emanuel Ogunniyi